Use Landing Pages to Drive Higher Conversion Rates

Logan ppc landing pageWith Internet marketing having changed the way businesses reach their prospects, marketers  face an increasingly complex challenge of how to gain consumers’ attention. What makes it even more of an uphill task is that the attention span gained using conventional media is diminishing rapidly.

With our strong belief in sharing our knowledge to promote more effective and responsible Internet marketing, we make it our duty to keep abreast of leading-edge technologies and techniques that drive profitable traffic to our clients’ websites. In today’s fast changing market space we truly believe that “the Internet is the Marketing Engine of the 21st Century”. In this scenario, landing pages have become one of the most popular and effective testing grounds for  seasoned marketers to gauge the result of targeted offers.

A landing page is not vastly different from a corporate website. However it is a specialized page that visitors are directed to once they’ve clicked on a link, an offer, a banner ad, a search result or any other generic URL that they have heard of in a TV commercial, radio ad, a viral campaign or an email newsletter. The page is usually tightly focused on a particular product or service with the aim of getting the visitor to buy or take some form of action rapidly that will lead ultimately  to a sale.

With today’s customer who has a limited memory ‘bandwidth’, WSI’s experience shows that every successful landing page must answer the following key questions:

  • What is the offer?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Why are they interested, and why should they take further action?
  • How do they get started?

The design element is an important consideration when creating landing pages as it can hugely impact the overall acceptance and decision making process. The copy of your landing page must speak with the visitor in a way that not only grabs their attention but also motivates them to make a decision to stay on the site.

A landing page helps convert online traffic and we take that extra care when consulting with our clients to guide them through the process of marketing their products and services effectively. A business owner is made aware of how site visitors respond to a particular call to action. Varied responses and data about visitor behaviour is collected in a systematic manner. Based on detailed analysis of this data, we then recommend and implement Internet marketing techniques to further enhance the visitor experience and convert more targeted traffic.

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