Build Your Brand With Targeted Online Display Advertising

Advertising online, where today’s consumers spend more time than with any other media, focuses on two distinct consumer activities:

  • Searching: PPCadvertising targets consumers when they are looking to buy or are resourcing a specific item
  • Surfing: Display advertising targets prospects when they are online for any reason at most of the major Internet sites

Display advertising puts your message in front of known consumers and target demographics in your local market when they are on major national websites and niche sites related to your product or service. This builds brand awareness that results in more click-throughs to your site when your prospect is ready to buy.

WSI Local AdWorks Display Advertising Platform

Our WSI Local AdWorks display advertising platform uses advanced technology and eye-catching banner ads to dramatically expand your reach online. We’ll put your ad in front of local prospects on many of the world’s most popular websites.

Display Advertising Websites

The technology optimizes your ad campaign to generate the most cost-effective and maximum visibility to your targeted prospects. We target your prospects in 5 different ways:

 » RemarketingWe put your display ad in front of people who have previously visited your website to regain their interest.
 » Geo-TargetingWe show your display ad to people in your area based on their geographic location
 » Demographic TargetingWe show your ad on sites that target the specific demographics (age, gender, income) of your prospects
 » Contextual TargetingWe display your ad on sites featuring topics related to your product or service
 »Engagement-Based OptimizationWe steer ad dollars to sites that are most cost-effective at bringing people to your business

WSI Local AdWorks Display provides online access to complete reports showing the # of impressions to date, the cost/thousand impressions and the number of click-throughs to your website.

The Evolution of Local Online Advertising

Display advertising from WSI is primarily targeted as brand awareness advertising that will significantly enhance the performance of your portfolio of marketing and advertising initiatives. It enables the local and regional business to brand-saturate your targeted geo-market and customer profile with the most cost-effective performance.

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