Conversion Architecture: Key Steps to Converting Traffic to Business

When talking with a small business owner, I like to boil down Internet Marketing into two basic components.  1) The tools, techniques and efforts necessary to driving qualified prospects to your website, and 2) What it takes to get them to take the desired conversion action once they land on your site.

We spend alot of time driving traffic to websites, but many times optimizing the site for conversion gets overlooked, downplayed, or pushed off to a later date.  This is a shame of course, as it is always painful to waste good money bringing people to a site if they are not going to engage and convert.

There are a number of specific aspects of website design focused on covnersion.  Our new white paper is titled Conversion Architecture: Key Steps to Converting Traffic into Business.  I highly recommend you download it and read it if you are one of those people that is getting alot of traffic to your site, but your conversions are still lower than you would like.  Below is the intro to the white paper, to give you an idea of what it’s focus is.


We have seen a large transition in the Internet marketing world over the last 3 years. Back in 2007, Internet marketers like WSI would take many calls from people asking us, “How do I get my company ranked high on search engines?” or “How do I get on the first page of Google?” We would often recommend an online review that looked at their current sites’ “search engine readiness” as well as look at the volume of traffic for certain keyword phases that related to their business. Finally, we needed to understand their competiveness of their keyword phases.

But the reality is that even if you are on the first page of Google it doesn’t always mean success, what it means is you will get impressions and some traffic but what you need to understand is how to get them to stay on your website. Most sites even today lack a focused strategy around converting that traffic into business. Most people think this just happens, but the reality is that it doesn’t and you need to understand the key components to make this happen.

When we would say “how does your site convert” we would often see this dazed look as if to say what do you mean?

Looking at the word “conversion”, we define it this as “a way of getting someone to take a predetermined action that you want to track and measure”. The key is to understand what the impact of that action means to your business; this will ultimately determine your online success.

I encourage you to download this Conversion Architecture whitepaper to learn more about its impact on revenue growth.

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