Driving Business with Local Search Engine Optimization

Small businesses are the lifeblood of countries all over the world.  In the US, small businesses are defined by SBA (US Small Business Adminsitration) as those that have:

  • 500 fewer employees
  • $7 million or less in annual revenues

There are an estimated 29.6 million small businesses in the US, and they:

  • Employ just over half the country’s private sector workforce
  • Represent 97.3% of all exporters
  • Represent 99.7% of all employer firms
  • Generate a majority of the innovations that come from US firms:

For the business owner, it has never been more important to be found in their local town, city or region for people who are already looking for them.  Over 60% of us prefer to do business with a local business in our own neighborhood.  This includes all kinds of business such as auto repair shops, electricians, hair salons, attornyes, restaurants, etc.  Each of these businesses has plenty of local competition.  Furthermore, competition for placement on the search engines is stiff.

How can a business stand out and easily be found by those who are searching for them?

With this Introduction, WSI consultant and white paper author Tom Petty provides education and guidance on how a small business can level the playing field, increase their revenue, and beat their competition by using the Internet to make them visible where and when people are looking to buy the goods and services your small business offers.  Click here to download this fantastic whitepaper on Local Search Engine Optimization.

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