Google’s Latest Change to Google Places Continues Their Commitment to Local Business and Local Search

Google is constantly changing its algorithm.  A few weeks ago, they made one of the larger changes that has been made in some time.  This change focused on Google’s continuing commitment to Localization–supporting the believe and the evidence that more and more searches have local intent, approximately 30% as of the most recent studies.  The changes are having dramatic impact on many companies, both good and bad.  We are in the process of ensuring we understand the full impact of the changes and advising our clients on how to ensure that they are optimized, both locally and organically   to maximize the benefits of Googles latest changes.

The blog post below  is a good place to start in trying to understand the changes and their effect.  Check out the video and the links to other articles included.  As always, please feel free to call us to speak with an experienced Google Places and Internet Marketing Consultant to help you understand the changes and develop a strategy to benefit from them.

Online Search Alert: New Google Place Search Mixes Up Local SEO

This week, Google has begun rolling out a game-changing update to how it delivers local search results. According to the official Google blog, Place Search will alter the way search engine results pages display information when the search engine detects you are searching for local information.

This updates reinforces that both organic SEO and a solid local listing on Google places are important in helping your business get found online.

Also, according to ReachCast GM Alex Hawkinson, place search will add some complexity to the process of getting found in this new format. “For example, the new Place Search mini-pages make extensive use of rich snippets, a structured data format that enables web pages to be marked up with semantic information (e.g. reviews).”

For more insights into the new Google place search, check out the resources below:

To see a video of some highlights of this new update and how it may impact SEO, check out the video below:

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Tiffany Monhollon writes about social media, marketing, and small business success as the lead blogger for ReachCast, a ReachLocal service that helps local business owners develop their web presence.

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