How Video is Changing the way we Find Prospects and Convert Sales Online

Video is fast becoming one of the most effective ways to engage and market to online buyers. In fact recent studies show that online video grew 124% in 2009, having over 18.9 billion views. This massive growth is changing the way we think about doing business online and is opening up new opportunities that are helping business drive online sales growth.

Marketers and those familiar with the web see this huge opportunity and aren’t waiting to take advantage of it. From video in email to landing page conversion and lead generation, this paper will address the necessary steps to integrate video into your business’ online marketing strategy.

All data strongly indicates that online video is has been and will continue to grow. Online video is one of the best ways to get in front of and hold the attention of your audience. Research shows that authentic video increases conversion rates, reduces bounce rates, and has an overall positive effect on increasing your sales.

Producing video for your website doesn’t have to be a big production. In fact, most studies find that simple, in-house videos have a greater impact than professionally designed video because they are more transparent and better identify with users.

For businesses, video is an inexpensive way to increase your company’s exposure and better market your business online. Download this white paper to learn more about Video Optimization and how Video can improve your search engine rankings, create higher conversion rates and provide more exposure and branding for your business.

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