Is Your Website Ready for Customers?

As more companies transition from traditional marketing to online marketing as the core of their go-to-market strategy, they want to jump right into driving more traffic to their website and converting those visitors into customers.

Unfortunately, too many companies have websites that are not ready for customers.  At some point in the past, they made the decision to put up a website, without a clear view of the ultimate value of the site and it’s role in their overall business strategy.  So the website ends up being an online brochure and not optimized for conversion marketing.

A company can spend tens of thousands of dollars moving their site up the Google rankings, and on pay-per-click advertising and Email marketing campaigns to bring visitors and prospects to their site.  But if the site is hard to use, has little information, has a poorly defined layout/color scheme or has no way for the customer to take the desired action—you might as well take that money to Las Vegas and gamble it away.

Some companies will insist that it is not their website that is the problem, but that they just don’t have enough customers visiting it.  But a poorly designed and functioning website can have the opposite impact of what it was intended to do.  It can harm your brand image, waste thousands of dollars in marketing spend, scare people away from becoming your client and even cause them to tell others of their experience.

The good news is that your website does not have to be perfect.  But it does need to follow some conventions that will ensure it is pleasing to the eye, intuitive, leads prospects through the process of finding what they are looking for quickly, delivers a targeted message and offer, and makes the conversion process simple and easy.

Once your site is ready for your prospects and customers, then a comprehensive Internet Marketing strategy will not only bring more qualified traffic to your website, but ensure they become a satisfied, lifelong customers.

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