Low Quality Content and Content Farms

All too often, low-quality websites pushing poor content have repeatedly appeared on the first couple of pages for search results. This isn’t what people want, no matter what they are using the Internet to do. Despite the fact that people can simply click off the website, the experience typically leaves a bad taste in the mouth of those individuals who have the misfortune to click on a low-quality website

Where do so many websites manage to obtain poorly written or useless content to put up? Typically, website owners purchase inexpensive content, steal content, or use content that has already been published on the Web.

Sometimes a company copies content from other websites and places it on its own site. Duplicate content is not highly valued. In some cases, the content is obtained illegally without the permission of the owner, a clear case of copyright infringement

In other cases, the content is obtained from a content farm, a company that employs a workforce of many writers who churn out dozens of articles each week or month for a paltry sum. Typically, the content offers limited usefulness, since it is often written in haste or with little research.

A company may purchase quality content that has previously been posted on another site. Even though the information is valuable or informative, it is duplicate content that offers less value than unique, high quality content

To gain a top position for your long tail keywords on the search engine results pages, always start with high quality, relevant, and interesting content written for your target market.  You can’t go wrong. Contact Us to learn more about how we can help you gain top search engine rankings and grow your revenue, even in a tough economy.

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