On-Page SEO Primer–Part 2

A Look at On-Page Search Engine Optimization and What It Means for Your Business

Website Analysis

Conducting a thorough analysis of your website and its search-engine friendly features includes taking a look at the code imbedded in your pages. Since search spiders cannot recognize or decipher Flash or JavaScript, the more you use them, the less search-engine friendly your website becomes. Incorporate both Flash and JavaScript sparingly.

URLs should be short and include the primary keyword for the page. Even if you don’t feel up to the task, it is important to use canonical URLs to specify the best URL for search engines to use in an authoritative manner. A well-constructed site map is also essential for search engine friendliness.


Once your initial website is up, it is essential to maintain its existence. What does this mean for you? Either you, or a company that provides SEO services, must continually keep your website up to speed with your on-page SEO efforts, tweaking and improving your site in order to obtain high ranking on the search engine page results.

Testing and Measuring

Testing and measuring the results of your SEO efforts is just as critical as maintaining your website’s on-page search engine optimization. Your page rank is clearly the most visible indication of this.

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