Search Engine Optimization Explained–Meta Keyword Tags

In our last blog post focusing on the details of how to do SEO, we discussed Meta Title Descriptions.  In this post, we’ll touch on Meta Keyword Tags.

As far as configuring metadata to support Search Engine Optimization, meta keyword tags are probably the least important factor and contributor to higher rankings on the search engines.  The meta keyword tag is basically a list of keywords or phrases intended to describe the contents and focus of a web page.

In the 1990’s, search engines had less computing power and were much simpler and less sophisticated in their design.  The meta keyword tag was one of the primary data elements the search engines used at that time to determine what keywords and phrases a webpage would rank for.

As we all know, it only took a short period of time before people figured out how to take advantage of this metadata element by stuffing it with keywords that were not relevant at all to the topic of the web page to increase rankings and drive traffic.  The search engines correspondingly began to down play the importance of this metadata element, to the point that today, it is considred of low priority and very little value in the search negine ranking algorithms.

That said, we recommend that you continue to implement keywords and phrases on all your web pages if for no other reason than we don;t know exactly how much emphasis each search engine gives to metakeyword tags today, and as importantly, how they will change their algorithms and the weighting of their ranking factors tomorrow.  BUT, don’t expect to see any significant rankings increase.  Click here to learn more about Search Engine Optimization, and our SEO solutions.

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