Search Engine Optimization explained—Title Tags

Search Engine Optimization starts when you are building or enhancing your website. Once you have identified your file name or page url, its time to write a Title Tag.  The Title Tag is a very important metadata element that impacts your search rankings for a specific keyword phrase.

When determining what the content on a web page represents, the search engines fist look at and apply a heavy weighting to the text in the Title Tag.  But the Title Tag also plays another role.  It is the clickable link text that displays on the search engine results pages when your company appears and is listed.  And it also appears in the upper left corner of a web browser whenever someone visits a page on your website.

The number of characters typically displayed by a search engine, as described above, is around 65 characters.  So it is important to be concise and focus on including your most important keywords that represent the web page you are writing for.  The Title Tag should be concise and crisp, summarizing the main subject of your web page, and should interest people enough to click and visit your site.

Finally, the Title Tag should be unique for each page on your site, assuming that each page on your site represents unique content.  Otherwise you might incur a search engine penalty.

So now we have a page file name that includes the main keyword, and a Title Tag that includes one or more of the keywords we want to optimize our page for.  Next we discuss the Title Description.  Click here to learn more about our Search Engine Optimization solutions.

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