Search Engine Optimization Explained–write content for people, not search engines

High rankings driven by successful Search Engine Optimization projects are based on increasing a website’s Relevance and Authority.  Relevance is making sure that the content on the website is useful and valuable to the reader, based on the keyword search term they entered into a search engine.  So, writing content for SEO should be focused on writing originalm interesting content for the user, while strategically placing targeted keyword phrases within that content to increase the likelihood that the reader will become a customer, while getting high organic rankings.

When writing web content for users and Search Engine Optimization, the first rule is to focus your writing on your human target audience.  There are several aspects to doing this successfully, including:

  • Writing original, high quality, persuasive, naturally flowing content
  • Structuring your conent with the reader in mind
  • Avoiding poor grammar and sentence structure
  • Making sure your content is informative and useful
  • Writing with an original voice to make the content compelling
  • Write in a friendly, positive tone in the active tense
  • Including, powerful, compelling ,differentiated Calls to Action

Although content is not the only variable that the search engines take into consideration when ranking websites, many think it is the most imprtant.  So if your goal is to rank highly in the organic section of the search engine results pages to attract qualified visitors to your website and convert them into customers, then focus on writing original, interesting, persuasive content geared to your human visitors, but tweaked to the search engines. Click here to learn more about our Content Creation Services and our Search Engine Optimization Solutions.

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