Search Engine Optmization Simplified

Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking higher in the organic section of the search engine results pages (SERPs), to position your company right where people are looking for the goods and services you offer  at all stages in the buying cycle, from initial research, to vendor selection and engagement.

The concepts and details of Search Engine Optimization and what it and what it takes to rank highly in the SERPs is unknown to most business people, giving it an air of mystery.  Combined with the fact that it is intangible, complex, hard to understand, AND can be expensive and time consuming , and most small business people remain wary when the subject comes up.

And this is exactly why it is important to simplify Search Engine Optimization for people.  Since SEO had the lowest long term cost of customer acquisition of all the major Internet Marketing techniques, it can provide tremendous benefit and ROI to companies that understand it’s value and are willing to commit to SEO internally or by working with a qualified and experienced Internet Marketing Consultant.

The easiest way to simplify SEO is to boil it down into its two foundation aspects—Relevance and Authority.

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