The Core Elements of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization moves you higher in the organic rankings of the major search engines.  Of all Internet Marketing techniques, SEO has the lowest long term cost of customer acquisition.  If you have the knowledge and persistence, SEO can significantly increase your visibility, traffic to your site, and if everything else is in place, increase your revenue as well.   There are several major components of a successful SEO project, and all must be incorporated to achieve the maximum benefits:

Keyword research and choosing of the right keywords is the foundation of success for SEO.  A combination of general and long-tail terms, with the highest search volume and least competition, tailored to your particular target market and business, will provide a balanced flow of traffic for those keywords that people use to search for the products and services you offer.

This represents the several data  elements within your website that the search engines use to establish Relevance.  These include Title Tag, Title Description, Keywords, Alt Tags, and several others.  These should be tailored to meet each page on your site to have maximum impact.

Page-level Content
When it comes to search engine optimization, the content of your website will play one of the largest roles in determining how well your website will rank. Due to this, it is vital that your content be optimized for specific keywords and closely related terms. Each page within your website should adhere to some simple principals including number of keywords per page and density, internal linking, and finding a healthy balance between writing for prospects vs writing for sarch engines.

Link Building Process
In conjunction with Relevance, the search engines also highly rate websites based on Authority or Popularity.  A key aspect of this is back links.  Links need to be built on a steady drumbeat, a reasonable number each month to prevent unwanted scrutiny from the search engines.  Links can come from both good neighborhoods and bad, and knowing the difference is critical to the level of benefit you will receive for your efforts.
Article and Press Release Creation, Submission & Syndication
The creation of articles or press releases to drive qualified traffic to your website as well as provide you with highly relevant links is a process which requires planning and forethought.  Each article and release should focus on supporting a single keyword or phrase that you are optimizing for.  Then it should be syndicated through a global group of article directories, similar to online libraries.  Press release will be distributed by online PR agencies that will make your release available to hundreds if not thousands of online publications, blogs, and websites that may publish your press release.

These are just some of the many tools and techniques that are used in SEO.  It is a complex process that takes months.  Having a knowledgeable, professional SEO agency supporting or even driving your efforts can mean the difference between first page SERP visibility and obscurity for your website. 

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