The Insider’s Guide & Toolkit to Leveraging Your Online Reputation

People are talking about you without you. Before the Internet, businesses controlled their public image and message through television, yellow pages, radio and print advertisements. But now, people are openly discussing your business image, products and services on social networks, review sites, online directories and blogs. Not only that, what they say impacts the buying decisions of your potential customers.

The name of your business says a lot to new and existing customers. It could mean “great customer service.” It might stand for “unbeatable value” or it could be “rude salespeople, long wait, STAY AWAY.”

Your online reputation affects your bottom line because it can mean the difference between a consumer doing business with you, or doing business with one of your competitors.

Delivering excellent products and services at every transaction will always be the best foundation for maintaining a good reputation, but taking measures to manage your online reputation helps consumers feel more confident about becoming your customer.

To learn more about why managing your social reputation is so important and how to do it, download this whitepaper, visit our web page about Social Media Marketing, or call us at (916) 933-7414 to learn more.

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