The New Ways to be Found Online in 2010

As I work with small and medium business on a daily basis, I am often asked the following questions:

• How can I use the Internet to generate more leads and revenue for my business?
• I have always relied on “word of mouth” and traditional marketing methods. How can Internet Marketing help?
• We’ve always done it this way—why should I change now?
• What is Social Media and how can I use it to promote my business?

All companies, regardless of size or industry, especially in this difficult economy, want to know how they can better utilize their shrinking marketing budget to grow their company.

One challenge is that most companies don’t have a good understanding of how marketing is changing, and how many people are using the Internet today to support some, if not all of their buying process. Combined with the large and growing variety of online channels available on the Internet that prospective customers are using when looking for information and it’s no wonder many small and medium business owners are uncertain how to proceed.

Download this whitepaper now by Francois Muscat, one of our Online Marketing Experts, to learn more about how to get found on the Internet in the new decade. It covers:

• The challenge of getting found on search engines.
• Market drivers that we should be aware of with regards to what b=people do on the Internet.
• Push vs, Pull Marketing
• Key steps to developing a “Content Marketing” plan to get found online.
• Publishing content that increases customer conversions.
• Combining content and social media marketing as a way to build trust and credibility to increase your online leads and profitability.

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