A Look at Off-Page Search Engine Optimization and What It Means for Your Business

Generating traffic through off-page search engine optimization is a critical aspect of marketing your business. While your on-page SEO efforts can take your website in the right direction, you need to implement off-page SEO that is strong and focused in order to fully benefit from search engine traffic. SEO techniques can maximize your site’s visibility and enhancing your search engine ranking.

Expectations of Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Unfortunately, it is likely that your off-page SEO efforts will generate fluctuating results, especially in the beginning of your off-page marketing campaign. If you implement each of the following off-page SEO strategies, you enhance your website’s chances of moving up on the search engine page results. In turn, this increases your company’s visibility and the opportunity to drive new traffic to your virtual doorstep.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization: Content-Sharing Sites

One of the ways that you can get a bit of free advertising is to post informative articles on a content-sharing website or article directory. Since the content you post reflects your company, it’s important to submit quality content that is relevant to your business. Since you get to include a link to your site, you also enhance your link building strategy at the same time. In addition, many bloggers will take part or all of articles they think are informative, use it on their blog, and attribute it to you.  Thsi not only gets you a good link, but pushes your content and identity out to their readership.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization: Directory Submission

Arrange to have your website listed in relevant categories of various high-ranked directories. While you may look on this practice as link building, the description of your website that is included enhances your site’s search engine friendliness.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization: Press Releases

Submitting press releases to different websites can generate important backlinks for your site. A press release offers a great way to advertise your business and its products and services.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization: Social Bookmarking Sites

Social networking sites can take your business out of the depths of the unknown and into the realm of highly visible websites. Building credibility for your business is easily accomplished through interactive communication on social bookmarking sites. Each positive interaction attracts online notice, while providing a foundation to build upon.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization: A Presence in Forums and Blog Posts

Become a regular member of a relevant forum and offer sound advice to fellow members. If you can create a loyal following, you enhance your company’s credibility and generate traffic to your own website.

Search the Web for blog posts that relate to your products or services, and add a useful comment to related posts. Make sure that your post doesn’t amount to spam. It’s important that you incorporate a do-follow blog on your own site, allowing other individuals to comment. Do-follow blogs generate links that enhance search page rank.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization: Backlink Building

The number of quality backlinks your website has is critical to your company’s success. When another website links to your site, it’s a vote of confidence in what you have to offer potential customers.

Keep your anchor text, the words included in the link, relevant for a better chance at moving your search engine ranking up. The use of specific keywords in your anchor texts should provide a clear indication of the nature of your website.

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