Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fundamental and powerful means of electronic marketing.  Email Marketing can be used to not only help a company prospect for new clients put stay top-of-mind with their existing customer base as well.

When using Email Marketing as a lead generation tool, essentially you are engaging an audience of potential buyers by delivering a tailored, targeted message, value proposition, and offer specific to a target audience.

When using Email Marketing to stay top of mind with clients, you are using the email as a mechanism for continuing to push information out to your valued customers in the form of newsletters, e-mails, event announcements, and surveys, so when they are ready to buy, you will always be ther first company they think of.

We have a strategic partnership with Constant Contact as our Email Marketing tool provider.  We find that their Email Marketing solutions provide an excellent balance between functionality, ease of use, and pricepoint.

WSI MarketBuilders also provides a complete set of Email Marketing services to support your prospecting and cusotmer communication efforts.  Please contact us to learn more about our Email Marketing solutions.


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